Up 2009-05-30 Slideshow

1 Turtles for sale
2 Dihydrated kid in Sodefor hospital in Nioki
3 Surpised by storm on Fini river. We nearly went down....
4 Putting ourselves and the kayak into safety during storm....
5 Bivouac in fisherman's camp on Fini river ..............;
6 My jungle bed
7 Bying fresh fish on Kasai river
8 Francois in the front seat of the kayak on Kasai river
10 Looking for a bivouac in bamboo forest near Kasai river
11 meeting J-J who's travelling on Sodefor narge on Congo river
12 Tajking a break under tree on congo river
13 Trying to keep the kayak stable on congop river
Francois brakes down
17 river barge on congo river near Maluku
14 One of the last standing trees on the boulevard du 30 juin in Kinshasa (1)
15 Picture taken just after last tree on the boulevard was taken down...
16 Having a cold beer with my friend Serge Hansen on a Kinshasa terasse....

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