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01 Little kid in kajak
02 Kids having fun fun in the river
03 Little cayman is being sold
04 I bought the animal and  set it free
05 Surviving on makokolo
06 Makokolo
07 River turltle for sale
08 Strictly illegal logging operation of the apotre.
09 Illegal logging operation of apotre on Lukenie river in Bolingo forest
11 My left foot
12 Having diner in jungle camp
13 Lukenie river near Bungimba at 5 o'clock in the morning
13 Paddling the Lukenie during the night is not safe but we don't have any other choice
14 My Excursion taking a break in the Congolese sun.
15 The hope of the Congo
16 Taking a rest on a local beach and being watched by kids who never sam a white guy
17 Illegal logging operation of  Miss Nelly  who s married to a Swiss guy at S 03 24 010 E 02013 924
17 Papa Francois the guy who saved my ass several times
18 Miss Nelly in action at same coordinates
19 Watching the mundele
20 Workers of Miss Nelly preparing a raft to transport wenge to Kinshasa at gps S 03 14 663 E 020 02 926
21 Artisanal loggin operation of Miss Nelly a Congolese Swiss citizen at same coordinates
22 Without Francois I would already be death by now
23 Civilasation and bigger boats at last Kinshasa is approaching

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