Up 2009-04-25 Slideshow

1 First stop on the way to Dekese
3 Kids washing their laundry in the Lukenie
4 Bakutchu girl preparing tshikwange to sell on the market
5 Preparing pondu in big mortar.
6 Spot where Belgian vessel Ville de Tournai sunk in 1928
7 A fresh porkey pine
9  Bakutchu drummers spreading the news of our arrival
10 Rock and roll in ,the hearth of darkness
11 Tshikwange or fermented maniok is becoming our basic food
12 Taking a bath in the river
13  J-J with our 3 guides Justin, Jacques and William
15 Constantly wet feed are starting to cause me trouble.
15 This monkey was saved from drowning with a machette
17 Colubus monkey ready foor coocking
Roasting the monkey over the camp fire
17 Grey coffee ready to drink....
Sardines and tshikwange for breackfast
Arriving on a small beach
J-J taking diner out of a milk can
Little boy sitting on our Excursion
Local ttransport
On our way trough the hearth of darkness
Paddling our Excursion down the Lukenie. JJ is taking a breack in the pirogue
Total loss ferry in Dekese a city that has no cars anymore
We paddled 500 km's at this point and the boat is doing fine

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