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P1 getting the kayak ready and sroring all the luggage. I already know we'll have too much luggage.
P2 Jean Jacques packing the boat at La Cotonière.
P3 Lodja's Bayley bridge seen from the river. So far so good but the kayak is unstable because of all the weight on top.
P4  Strong current. Fallen trees and too much luggage. Shit happens after 5 km's.
P5 We were able to free ourselves oput of this situation with machetes. The boat was too heavy.
P6 Pumping the water out of the boat. Local fishermen came to our rescue.
P7 Wet wet wet ! All our official papers got soacked as did the cash, my passport and my Thuraya phone. One of our Pelicases le
P9 Reception commitee in village at approx. 10 km's out of Lodja.
P12 Our new guide and luggage transporter Bora guiding us on the river. We can fight the river in a more hoounest way now.
P12 Our new guide and luggage transporter. His name is Bora and he knows this fucking river well.
P13 35 ° C and praying mysel lucky to have brought a couple of Cambodian kramah's to the Congo to protect myself against the b
P14 Bora , our guide and angel in this hot and dark part of the Congo.
P15 Our kayak next to its African cousins and brothers. Second camp in village at approx 40 km's out of Lodja.
P16 Trying to change myself in dry clothes with lots of little spectztors.
P18 Batetela village where we spend the night
P20 Our Excursion kayak fraternising once again with Congolese pirogues.
P20 Re-discovering the hearth of darkness. This old water pit is all what is left of and old Belgian trading post.
P21 Portrait of fisherman's woman that lives in camp near the river.
P22 African bees are real bitches. We were attacked every five minutes and I counted more than 35 bee-stings on my body. Hand s
P22 Ferry for locals on Lukenie river
P23 Taking a rest at a ferry point. Our kayk is already becoming a legend in these parts of the Congo.
P24 campsite near river and securing the kayak for the night.
P26 Bivouac near river
P27 Drying monkey meat in the sun.

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