Up 2009-04-06 Slideshow

Lodja city square Lodja 2
A poached antilope Lodja 2
Bonobo meat for sale ...... Lodja 2
Bush meat market in Lodja Lodja 2
Fresh bush meat , it all comes out of the Salonga Parc
Lodja is an imortant trade center for poached meat.  Most of it goes to the mining areas in the south of the province.
Jean-Jacques in the only place in town where one can have a cold beer. Lodja 2
Invited by Congolese collegues in local radio studio to explain what we are doing. Lodja 2
Old cotton factory in Lodja. Completely fucked up ! Lodja 2
Other vieuw from old cotton factory in Lodja.
The bush has won the battle with civilasation in Lodja
Pierre-Albert, a Congolese Belgian who decided to come back and to re- develop his native town.
Sister Therese Tshaa , our host in Lodja Lodja 2

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